Wednesday, October 23, 2013

            I created my ideals from thinking of something bad happening and that is a little hard to get out off. I thought of sharks right away because its not the best situation to be in. Yes I think i was able to think outside the box because if I did not I would have just did some pancakes. I chose to use repetition in my painting by using three people legs and two fish. I chose to show repetition because to me there will be a lot of people in the water and lots of fish. I decided to use acrylic in my painting because I pait better with it than I do with water colors. The difficulties I had with my painting was getting enough paint everywhere. I also had a hard time trying to make the same colors again, every time I tried making the same color I would make it to dark or to green. The mini lessons we had helped a lot because it showed me what type of paint I will want to use and how to use it. Without those mini lessons my painting would probably look worse. Also those min lessons showed me what I have to do for the different types of paint and how to take care of them.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Up close 

I developed my ideal of up close by making the sun in the middle of the page. I also made the sun really big. By making the sun big it show up close. I did the trees of to the side of the paper so it looks like it was a walkway. By making the sun bigger than every thing else I wanted it to look like some one was taking a picture of the out doors. I chose my art to be in color pencil i did this because i work best with it. Also it was much easier for me to add different values to the trees. By using color pencil it was much easier for me to color the sun, I say this because the color pencil I think are easy to blend together. When I blend the colors for the sun I tried to make it look like the sun was rising in the morning. I took risk in this art work my adding not just brown to the trees but some yellows and blues. By doing that the trees looked a little better than just plan brown trees.