Friday, September 21, 2012

Value Portraits

Value portraits

I used tracing paper so I could find all the spots that were dark and all the spots that were the lightest. So when I put the drawings down I would know where to make it darker. I just looked at the different spots on the picture that was the darkest and the lightest spots. That makes it  so when i got to the shading part I would know were I need to shade in the dark spots and light ones. I looked at were the light was shining and how it made his face darker and were it made it lighter. I had to overcome his nose because it was so hard to see. Also his face was hard to see because I could not see that good when the picture was so hard to see.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

      Drawing Turtles    
                                                               I thought this project was fun. Some parts were a little hard for me like when the turtles kept moving when they finally got in the spot I wanted them in they would just move again. Also one of the turtles kept moving on top of another turtle so it was hard to see the one I was drawing. I thought the butterfly was easy to draw, because it wouldn't move and the one I picked did not have that bad of a design.

   Blues Cules Skeleton project 

  I thought i did good on this project. I tryed to get every bone that would be in his body. It was a lot of work because hes got some different bones in his body and some I had to make up some bones. That made it a little bit harder. His neck bone did not work because it was harder because his head looks just like his neck for him.