Monday, November 19, 2012

One 3D Anamorphosis
To make this I needed to make a grid so i could draw it almost how it normaly looked. I also had to you photo shop to transphorm it. we also had you put some shadows into it or it would not look like its 3D it would look 2D.The value was inportant to because with out it. It would not have looked how it is. we had to use perspective to make it look 3D and make the picture work.

You had to change the photo to black and white so you can see the positive and negative spaces so you knew what was going to be cut out or not. we had to use a xacto kinfe to cut it out. At the end you should have a stencil  you can then spray paint it so it looks like what you cut out. To do all this at the beging you had to use photo shop to make the picture. the background was a collage witch we just use othere papers to make a background.