Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Game Drawings in Perspective Critique 
I liked this project because to me it was fun. It had no hard parts other than the little green guy on the box. To me it was easy to draw the boxes because that's all I really had to do other than the detail. I think my project was good. I put a lot of time trying to make my picture look as real as it can get. If i did this project again then I would not have painted on it. I would just colored it instead. Painting on it seem like no use to me because we had to do it lightly and we just colored over it.

Monday, November 19, 2012

One 3D Anamorphosis
To make this I needed to make a grid so i could draw it almost how it normaly looked. I also had to you photo shop to transphorm it. we also had you put some shadows into it or it would not look like its 3D it would look 2D.The value was inportant to because with out it. It would not have looked how it is. we had to use perspective to make it look 3D and make the picture work.

You had to change the photo to black and white so you can see the positive and negative spaces so you knew what was going to be cut out or not. we had to use a xacto kinfe to cut it out. At the end you should have a stencil  you can then spray paint it so it looks like what you cut out. To do all this at the beging you had to use photo shop to make the picture. the background was a collage witch we just use othere papers to make a background.

Monday, October 22, 2012

                                                           Print Making Final
In this project you had to make sure you were cutting in the right spot so your art would work for the animal you were doing. If you do the wrong cut you have to add it into your art. Yes the texture is important. I say this because that's what  helps it look more like an animal than just and drawing looking animal on paper. with out texture the animal would look different than with texture. I used negative space by having every thing but the trees and the grow one color and the trees and the ground would be white or the color of the paper.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chalk Mural Critique
I didn't like working in teams because some people in your group would get mad at me for doing something someone else told me to do. It was important to collaborate because if you didn't with your group then you would get no where because you need to tell your group your ideas. I think This project was sucssefull beccasue it truned out alot better than I thought it would trun out to be at the end. I thought it was cool how other people could get into my art and make it there facebook picture or something

Print Sketch Critique

   Texture is important because it makes the animal look realistic and much better. With out texture it would look like just a pencil drawing instead of something better. It is important to have several references of an animal so when it was time to draw it we world see what different parts of the animal is and it wold help us draw the picture. Yes you can tell witch one will be stronger than others because  some animals have good texture when some animals don't.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Value Portraits

Value portraits

I used tracing paper so I could find all the spots that were dark and all the spots that were the lightest. So when I put the drawings down I would know where to make it darker. I just looked at the different spots on the picture that was the darkest and the lightest spots. That makes it  so when i got to the shading part I would know were I need to shade in the dark spots and light ones. I looked at were the light was shining and how it made his face darker and were it made it lighter. I had to overcome his nose because it was so hard to see. Also his face was hard to see because I could not see that good when the picture was so hard to see.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

      Drawing Turtles    
                                                               I thought this project was fun. Some parts were a little hard for me like when the turtles kept moving when they finally got in the spot I wanted them in they would just move again. Also one of the turtles kept moving on top of another turtle so it was hard to see the one I was drawing. I thought the butterfly was easy to draw, because it wouldn't move and the one I picked did not have that bad of a design.

   Blues Cules Skeleton project 

  I thought i did good on this project. I tryed to get every bone that would be in his body. It was a lot of work because hes got some different bones in his body and some I had to make up some bones. That made it a little bit harder. His neck bone did not work because it was harder because his head looks just like his neck for him.