Art 1

1. My favorite project was the 3D  Anamorphosis. This project was one of my favorite because we had to use grids. Using the grids helped me a lot and made it a lot easier for me than just free drawing it. I thought it looks cool when you take the picture and it looks 3D. We had to add shadows into the art work and I thought that looked cool. With the shadows in the picture it really help the art look like its floating to me. Its cool how we drawled it in 2D but it look 3D. This was my favorite project in this class.

2. I grow and developed on this art work the most. I say this because before this class I sucked at art. It help me grow because I had to do multiple things to get it to look how it does. In this project I had to do everything form drawing to painting. I had to look at different pictures and draw what I saw and I am not use to doing that. It help me grow in my painting to. I learned different things that I could do with paint like what colors to mix and how to make clouds. This project help me to grow the most.

3. I used skills from another project were we had to draw the bones of the skeleton. That help me draw this one because I already drew bones before. So it made this project esair than the other ones. Also scine I already did something with bones I had a clue what I was going to draw. It help me know how to draw it. Also help me put bone and make the look how they should look like. The bones project help me with this one alot becasue I know I had to do the bones with no problem. 

4. This project was the least important in learing. I say this because we didnt even realy finish it. I think this project was a waste of time too. We worked on it for a few days and then we just stopped doing it. This project was hard to we had to put the cups in the right spot or we had to start over. Also we had to put the cups high up on the fence and that was a pain in the but because i had to jump and try to put it in. This project was the least important in learning.

5. This art work reflects me the most. I say this because it shows me that I am a little funny. How I like to make people laugh. I also chose this because I think its good and show everyone that I like art. This art show me the most because I liked doing photo shop. Also shows how I like art. This art reflects me the most out of all of them.

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