Art 2 Portfolio

       1. This project was my most successful because I  am best at pencil drawings. I also think this is my most successful because the lacrosse pads and the lacrosse sticks look really nice.The theme of this project was  "whats the point". My process I went through to complete the project was a little long. I first thought of a score board and I stayed on that topic for a little. Then Mrs, Rossi told me to think a little more which made me think why not the sport. I also had to think if I wanted to use pen and ink or if i wanted to use pencil and paper. I practiced a little with the pen and ink with and apple, then I practiced with pencil and I made the same art. After I made the two art works I looked at which one I like the best of the two. Size helped enhance this project because the first time I made this art work I made the pads to small. By making the pads bigger it will catch your eye. Also making the pads the biggest on the page showed you where to look and the main idea of this project. Technique helped me enhance my art work my showing you where the sun hits the pads and also the lacrosse stick.  If I did not add in the shading my art work would not look as good because all you would see is some lines on a paper. This project was my most successful.

        2. I think I overcame this project the most because my first try at this picture looked nothing like this one. I had to face many obstacles on this project because I did not have a very good plan to start with. My fist plan was to have a few trees but instead of winter I was going to do summer. After I look at my drawing  it looked like a drawing I would have done in first grade. I worked though my obstacles by making a new drawing and this time I changed it up. I took away the leaves and added snow, by doing this it made my art look better than it first did. Taking risk made me a better artist because with out taking risks my art would look as good as it does now. If every time I messed up  I started over my art work would have less time spent on and look like crap. So by taking risks if I mess up I just add it into my art work. By doing this it helps me become a better artist also it allows me to work more on my work than if I didn't take risk.

        3.  Theses two art works to me show my growth as an artist. I say this because when first started out in art 2 I was not thinking about what to do for a long time. I mostly picked the first one and think about the good ideals I could have chosen if i thought about them a little longer. My first piece show a lot of growth because it shows that I thought about what I should do with the topics I had. My topic for the first piece is about "Along for the Ride", which made me think of some movie where a boy and girl run off in the woods. To me this shows my growth because before this project I would have picked something easy to do like boxes. My second piece of art shows growth as and artist because when we first got this project I wanted to do something easy just like everyone else. I started out as making a game room but then I figured out that almost every guy was going to do that so i thought of dirt bikes. This mostly shows growth because I made the bike sign out of note cards and you can open of the doors to the store and you will see a dirt bike on display.  It shows that I thought more than most people. Also if you flip over the sign you will see a funny picture I got. I added this as a little surprise so people could laugh and like my art work. That is why I think those to pieces of art showed my growth.

    4. I thought this way of teaching was really good I say this because it lets use do what we want and not just you telling me what I had to draw. For example the last project we did gave us a lot of options to choose form. We could along for the ride, simple, or fear. By doing this it lets me think more and lets me pick what I would rather do than have a teacher just tell me to draw a happy face and turn it in. Also for another example in the picture above you told us we can pic any object to make the picture. This also help use because but letting us choose what we get to you it makes us think more. By teaching this way it also tells us that it is are art work and nobody else. This way should be learned in all art classes. Also this way help me improve a lot. I think this is the best way to learn and teach art because it lets us be us and not have someone make us do what we don't want too.

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