Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book carving

  It is very smart to have a clear plan. With out a plan your book we not go as well as you would like it to. The plan you make will help you because you use that plan as a cutting sheet so it looks just like the plan. I faced some challenges in this art work because I missed cut some of my trees which made me have to cut out the pages. Also I could not keep some of my lines the same. That Made it so the trees or the people were off a little or they looked funny. I overcame my challenges by cutting out the page and cutting slower. I also would just add it in my art and work with it. My design is about a boy and a girl running in the woods around night time. I picked to do this because my topic was along for the ride. I took some risks in my art work by adding and taking a way some of the art I was going to put in there. For example I added a tree in near one of the runners and its a risk because I used no outline to cut the tree. I feel like this art work was successful because it turned out to what I hopes it would look like. On this project I think I had a better plan of what I was going to do it and how. To me this was successful too because I thought some of my cuts are off but it turned out to look good. I liked this project because I never thought of cutting into a book for my art. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

                          I showed mixed media in this art work by getting different pictures of brick walls and putting them all in one. When I did this it makes it look like a wall with different bricks. I also showed mix media by adding string and a note card, by doing this I made it Look like a sign that hangs from a store. This art work shows amusement because it is a dirt bike store and I like looking at dirt bikes. Also it is amusement because it is really fun too look at new things and seeing the things they can do. I did have some small challenges for this art work. One of them is I kept finding the same brick walls over and over again or it was showing something I did not want in the art. I also had a challenge with the sign I could not make the sign even, but when I look at it now I like how it looks like it was windy that day or they just put up the sign.