Monday, January 6, 2014

                          I showed mixed media in this art work by getting different pictures of brick walls and putting them all in one. When I did this it makes it look like a wall with different bricks. I also showed mix media by adding string and a note card, by doing this I made it Look like a sign that hangs from a store. This art work shows amusement because it is a dirt bike store and I like looking at dirt bikes. Also it is amusement because it is really fun too look at new things and seeing the things they can do. I did have some small challenges for this art work. One of them is I kept finding the same brick walls over and over again or it was showing something I did not want in the art. I also had a challenge with the sign I could not make the sign even, but when I look at it now I like how it looks like it was windy that day or they just put up the sign. 

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